Multiple regression ‘cheat sheet’

This was a ‘cheat sheet’ I put together during the ACSPRI 2012 Winter Program course “Fundamentals of Multiple Regression” (Fun Reg). The cheat sheet simply summarises the concepts, formula’s and assumptions often used in regression analysis which were discussed in the course.

Fun Reg Cheat Sheet

This was a fantastic course that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to use regression in their research. The course description is below for your information, and you can check out the full range of courses they run at

Fundamentals of multiple regression: This course provides an introduction to, and the fundamentals of multiple regression, covering enough of the statistical material for the intelligent use of the technique. The approach is informal and applied rather than emphasising proofs of relevant theorems. The course begins with a review of bivariate regression and extends the relevant principles to the case of multiple regression. Particular attention is given to the application of multiple regression to substantive problems in the social sciences. By the end of the course, the student will have a knowledge of the principles of multiple regression, and the ability to conduct regression analyses, interpret the results, and to inspect elementary regression diagnostics to test the underlying model assumptions. This course provides the foundations necessary for progression to ‘Applied Multiple Regression Analysis’, and to subsequent advanced-level courses in structural equation modelling and log-linear modelling.