Our respondents didn’t understand these questions – do you?

Dr Alison Pearce has won a Best Poster Presentation Award at the Health Economics Study Group Winter Meeting 2016 (HESG) held in Manchester in January 2016. The award was given for Alison’s poster “Our respondents didn’t understand these questions – do you? Cognitive interviewing highlights unanticipated decision making in a discrete choice experiment.”

The poster described 17 interviews Alison conducted with cancer survivors about their care after finishing cancer treatment. During the interviews each survivor completed a survey about their care, but many found it very difficult.  Some of the problems with the survey are explained on the poster, but the poster was also interactive – conference attendees were asked to vote and comment on the survey questions. The poster received a great response, with many conference attendees voting and leaving comments about the research.

The National Cancer Registry is leading this research into cancer survivorship with a group of collaborators from Aberdeen, Dublin and Newcastle, with the aim of informing policy about the best way to structure follow-up services for survivors who have completed their cancer treatment. The Health Economics Study Group supports and promotes the work of health economists and is the oldest and one of the largest of its type.

This news article was originally posted on the 26th of January 2016 on the National Cancer Registry Ireland website: http://www.ncri.ie/news/article/registry-health-economist-wins-best-poster-presentation-award-recent-conference